“I’m Gonna Be Coming Back”

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by Satara Hairston,
JJM Chaplain

Often after clocking out of work I have the mindset “I’m off work and done for the day.” However, when you work in ministry there is really no such thing as truly being “off.”

After a long Friday at work, I was walking into the lobby to meet my husband.  I noticed him and a fellow co-worker talking to a lady so I joined their conversation.  I learned that she was at the detention center getting information for her grandson who had just been involved in some illegal activity. Though he hadn’t been locked up yet, it seemed from the conversation that he was heading in that direction.  I began to tell the grandmother -- “Ms. Maria” -- about our youth ministry called City Life.  I explained to her that we reach out to inner-city youth in a relational way and that we would love to have her grandson check it out. Ms. Maria gave me a huge hug and said, “I’ll be calling you.”

Honestly, this isn’t the first time I’ve spoken directly to a parent or guardian and typically I don’t hear back from them.  However, on Monday at 4:00 p.m. Ms. Maria reached out to me and said “my grandson will be ready at 6:00. Here is my address…”  When Ms. Maria’s grandson “Jordyn” got in my car, he saw a current City Life student that he knew.  And once we got to City Life, he saw even more familiar students. Teens tend to come back when they have friends/peers also attending.

Later that evening, I learned that Jordyn accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Also, Jordyn came back two days later for Bible study.  I asked him if he had a phone I could call or text him on to see if he’s coming to City Life. He said, “I don’t have a phone but just come pick me up because I’m gonna be coming back.” He even told his grandmother two weeks in advance about a skating event we are having.  Most students mention it to their parents the day of.

Jordyn lost his father when he was a baby and his mother is addicted to drugs. Praise God for his grandmother stepping in to take care of him.  Even more so, she is committed to his safety and his relationship with the Lord.

I’m thankful that for that initial conversation, and for the Lord’s obvious orchestration of events. And that even when I want to be “off” He helps me to bring glory to His kingdom.

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