“I Never Really Had Faith in Anything”

Posted on by COYFC

by Steve Telfer
JJM Chaplain
"Evan" is a JJM teen who responded positively to the spiritual programming and the hope of the gospel. Here are his reflections on his journey and God's pursuit of him.
“Before I came to MCJDC I never really had faith in anything. I thought there were higher powers (more than one), but I didn’t know which one to believe in. As I got older, I wondered what would happen after I die, some of the things I thought scared me and I developed a fear of death.
“When I got arrested, it was the best and worst reality that had ever happened to me. When I first heard the staff ask who is going to church, I immediately declined. Then the next time there was the opportunity, I decided to attend. And I kept attending! After going for a while, I heard people’s stories about how God changed their life after being criminals or drug addicts, and that I could be changed too.  Before this I don’t remember ever having seen a Bible let alone reading one. But I started reading it and I discovered truths I had heard before and some that I had not.
“I spent a long time deciding whether I should put my faith in Christ and I eventually did!  I didn’t feel like I changed even after making this decision. I know I needed others around me to help strengthen my faith. When I began to do this, even in a lock-up situation, I became more serious about growing in my walk with Jesus. I stopped making inappropriate jokes and taking God’s name in vain. My change of attitude has now been totally different.
“With increased faith and determination, I know I will become not only a stronger follower of Jesus, but also a better overall person!”
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