Developing People

We are committed to intentionally nurturing the spiritual, mental, relational, civic, and economic lives of people at all levels of involvement in our ministry through caring mentoring relationships.


We are committed to effectively presenting the life changing opportunity of eternal salvation through Jesus in the context of caring relationships.

Servant Leadership

We are committed to a culture of serving others whereby the greatest responsibility to serve rests upon those with the greatest roles of leadership on our team.

Stewardship with Integrity

We are committed to the wise and responsible use of resources while pursuing the highest standards of truthfulness, openness, and accountability to each other, to our donors, and to God.

Relationship with God

We are committed to a relational understanding of God which nurtures committed, deep and growing spiritual lives in the youth we work with, amongst our board, our paid and volunteer staff, and within the community where we serve.


We are committed to strive for excellence in every component of our work and relationships, believing that it is no less than God himself that we represent and serve.


We are committed to creating new and innovative methods as well as creative and strategic collaborations to meet the increasingly complex needs of youth and families.