“You’re Gonna Waste Your Gas on Us?

12/2/2019 in Category

by Jamie Jiang
Deaf Teen Quest Ministry Leader



One of the boys at Northland High School excitedly said this as the sign-up paper had gone around to join a DTQ... More

“Shelley’s” Story

10/17/2019 in Category Gracehaven

“Shelley” grew up in a small, rural town in Ohio. Over a five-year period she was trafficked by a pimp -- and four members of her own family -- for drug money. She endured indescribable... More

The One of the 99

10/17/2019 in Category Gracehaven

By Sam Arnold
Gracehaven Mentoring Coordinator

Recently I have been reflecting on Matthew 18:12: "What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he... More

A Role I Cherish

10/17/2019 in Category Gracehaven

By Carrie Rapp
Community Case Manager

As a Gracehaven case manager I work with teens impacted by sex trafficking who live in the community. I have many roles: friend, driver, confidante,... More

“I Just Loved the Group”

9/25/2019 in Category Juvenile Justice

By Kate Ryan
JJM Chaplain

“Ms. Kate, can we please keep doing Bible groups? You don't even have to bring snacks. I just loved the group.”

“Joel” spoke those words after a recent week-long... More